We are proud to be the UK's only company to offer affordable luxury leather customisation using some of Italy's finest leather.


Can I personalise my product?


Of course you can! This is a popular option as it makes for a personal gift that you and no one else will have. We also offer discounts for our briefcases if you are ordering them through a limited company.

What can I get written on my product?


You can write anything you want on your custom made product as it is yours

and no one else's. Popular choices include: Initials, Full names, ‘Custom made

for - insert name’ and short personal messages. You can choose from two types

of leather deboss – 'Basic Deboss' or 'Gold Foil Deboss'. Please click here to see

the different leather deboss options available:

What can I customise?


You can customise anything from the colour of the leather and lining, to the colour of the

stitching. Just send us an email with what you require and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you make my personal design?


Yes - we love receiving new designs! If we like your design and decide to offer it for sale in our shop we will make the bag and deliver it to your door free of charge.

How can I design a bag?

Send us an annotated sketch, annotated picture or anything else that might help us understand what you are after. Please note that we strictly cannot copy any other existing brand designs for copyright reasons.

What leather can I use? 

We have a wide variety of different colours of leather. Please click here to see the leather colours currently available:

 If you require a specific type of leather, or if you've seen a picture of some leather you particularly like just send it on to us and we'll try our hardest to source it for you - we aim to make any design possible! 

What suede lining can I use?


We have thirteen different suede lining options available. Please click here to see our suede lining colour swatch;

Any further queries relating to your customisation, please don't hesitate to contact us.